A Journey of 1000 Miles Starts with a Single Step

I am so pleased with each small achievement I make.

Achievement #1:

I drank 51oz. of water this morning before I ate anything.  I was then driven to work with no problem.  I will drink 3 1/2 liter bottles each morning for one week before I attempt to increase to 4 bottles each morning before work, exercise or food.

Achievement #2:

I ate Quinona on my salad for lunch and Water Cress on my salad for dinner.  These two vegetables were part of Bob Cafaro’s MS healing.  See his book “When the Music Stopped”.

Continuous improvement.

I am not a medical professional.

Please note, this blog is not medical advice, recommendation or the replacement for personal consultation from a licensed physician. This website is informational only.

3 thoughts on “A Journey of 1000 Miles Starts with a Single Step”

  1. Alex, it is so inspiring to read your posts, and some of the comments. Edee and I were both looking at them, and we see Annie’s comment from her trip last summer. I would be interested to know where she went, and where your whole family is planning to go in two years – that is an inspiring goal, to take a family vacation with no wheelchair!!! It will be so freeing for your whole family. Also, I am listening to an audio book on the microbes in my gut, by the author of Grain Brain. Thanks so much for having this blog, and good luck with everything!!!!! Pat P.S. Say hi to your family for me!!!

  2. Hi Alex,

    I just read your blog for the first time (thanks to Pat Crepeau telling me about it). Your goals are so inspiring! I love the quote you use as the title of today’s post.

    Would you be willing to join my online team for the annual fundraiser I do in support of vision research? It’s the Montgomery County (MD) 5K Visionwalk, hosted by the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB), the largest national organization driving research to prevent, treat, & cure blinding retinal disorders. My team is StarsFightingStargardts, since Stargardt Disease is the progressive degenerative condition that has caused me to lose my central vision. It’s rare (~1:20,000), so most people haven’t ever heard of it. It doesn’t actually cost anything to join my team; it just lets me know that people care enough to show support. I know that blindness, temporary or permanent, is one potential symptom of MS — one I hope you won’t have to deal with!

    You can also join a Visionwalk team in your local FFB chapter, & if you want to participate in person, your local Visionwalk is taking place on October 8, 2016 (Pat looked it up).

    Here are all the links:
    Foundation Fighting Blindness: http://www.blindness.org
    My Personal Page: http://www.FightBlindness.org/GoTo/EdeeSchwartz
    My Team Page: http://www.FightBlindness.org/GoTo/FightStargardts
    Visionwalk Page: http://www.Visionwalk.org (then click on the state & local area you want)

    I have a friend with MS; I’ll forward your blog title to her so that we can both follow your progress.
    Good luck with your mini-goals leading up to your major goal!

    Edee (EE-dee) Schwartz

    1. Edee:
      Thank you for the post and your comment. What I hope is understood from this blog is two things:
      1. Per Dr. Roy Swank and his diet book, “The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book” A low-fat Diet for the Treatment of M.S., heart disease and stroke. MS can be treated through diet.
      2. Per what Bob Cafaro did, in his book “When the Music Stopped”. Is that he showed that with the elimination of sugar and the reduction of carbs, the MS heals.
      Edee, perhaps there is a beneficial but unprofitable treatment through diet for the degenerative condition which haunts you.

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